ALS Consortium of Epidemiologic Studies (ACES)

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Name Affiliation Specialty Details
Lorel Adams BSc, MN
Macquarie University ASAM Epidemiology and Biobanking More Profile
Ammar Al-Chalabi, MB, PhD, MRCP, ChD, FRCP
King's College London Genetic and other risk factors for sporadic ALS More Profile
Steven Albert, PhD, MSPH
University of Pittsburgh Behavioral and Community Health Sciences Environmental and Occupational Exposures More Profile
Kelli Dominick Allen, PhD
Center for Health Sciences Research in Primary Care ALS exposures More Profile
Ahmed Arif, PhD, MS
University of North Carolina Department of Public Health Sciences Environmental, occupational, and life style factors in ALS More Profile
Carmel Armon, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine Neuroepidemiology More Profile
William Aschenbach, PhD
Biogen Idec, Weston, MA World- wide ALS registry More Profile
Alberto Ascherio, MD
Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition More Profile
Ettore Beghi, MD
University of Milano Neuroepidemiology More Profile
Michael Benatar , MD, MS, PhD
Emory University Familial ALS More Profile
Amy Borenstein , PhD
University of South Florida Neuroepidemiology of ALS More Profile
Daryl Bosco , PhD
University of Massachusetts Medical School To identify factors involved in sporadic ALS More Profile
Jeannie Boyle, BSN
University of New Mexico Research development, epidemiologic factors in ALS More Profile
Walter Bradley, DM, FRCP
Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami Etiology and epidemiology of ALS, especially the cyanobacterial BMAA hypothesis More Profile
Christopher Brady, PhD
VA Boston Healthcare Center Neuropsychology, ALS Brain Bank More Profile
Marlia Braun, PhD, RD
UC Davis Nutrition, quality of life and ALS More Profile
Benjamin Rix Brooks, MD
Carolinas ALS Center Neurology, population health science, National ALS Registry More Profile
Robert H. Brown Jr, MD, DPhil
Harvard Medical School Biology of neuromuscular disease More Profile
Lucie Bruijn, PhD
ALS Association Any avenue of relevance to ALS More Profile
Doralina Brum, MD, PhD
Universidade Estadual Paulista Neurology More Profile
Miriam Bucheli, PhD
Universidad San Francisco de Quito Gene Expression, ALS registry, Neurodegeneration More Profile
Tracie Caller, MD, MPH
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Environmental links and clustering of ALS More Profile
Grace Carlson-Lund, RN, BSN
Northwestern University Environmental risk factors for ALS and PLS More Profile
Carla Cerra, MSN
Hennepin County Medical Center Needs of personal caregivers of patients with ALS More Profile
María Chávez
Universidad Francisco Marroquín Genetics, Molecules that might slow ALS More Profile
Honglei Chen, MD, MSc, PhD
Epidemiology Branch NIEHS Environmental and genetic risk factors More Profile
Adriano Chiò, MD
University of Turin Physical activity risk factors More Profile
Jay Christian, MPH, PhD

University of Kentucky Epidemiology More Profile
Robin Conwit, MD

NIH/NINDS Clinical Neurophysiology More Profile
Philippe Couratier, MD, PhD
Limoges University Hospital Pronostic factors in ALS More Profile
Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc
Harvard University Transgenic ALS models More Profile
John Dement, PhD
Duke University Occupational risks for ALS More Profile
Brian Dickie, PhD
MND Association, UK Mechanisms of Motor Neuron Degeneration More Profile
Dubravka Dodig, MD
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital ALS Clinical Epidemiology More Profile
Renee Douville, PhD
University of Winnipeg Expression of human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) in ALS More Profile
Nicolas Dupré, MD
Université Laval Epidemiology and genetics of ALS More Profile
Arthur Ersner, MD
Montgomery Medical Center ALS comprehensive epidemiologic database More Profile
Nicholas Field , BA
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Epidemiology of ALS, specifically a potential association with cyanobacteria More Profile
Cecilia Figueiredo, MSc
Universidade de Fortaleza Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Jordan Firestone , MD, MPH
University of Washington Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic Environmental risk factors More Profile
Dallas Forshew, RN, BSN
UC San Francisco ALS Center Research project planning and Development More Profile
Kevin Francis, BS
Trinity Partners Engagement Manager More Profile
Jan Frich, MD, PhD, MSc
Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet Health Service Research More Profile
Deborah Gelinas , BSc, MD
Michigan State University Causation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of ALS More Profile
Angela Genge , MD, FRCP
McGill University ALS clinical risk factors More Profile
Diane Goostree, CEO
BioPharma Catalyst Group Venture capital stage pharmaceutical development More Profile
Paul Gordon, MD
Columbia University ALS clinical research More Profile
Kimberly Gray, PhD
NIEHS Short and long-term health effects of environmental exposures on neuronal processes More Profile
Patrick Gray, PhD
Omeros Corporation Animal models, drug testing, clinical trials More Profile
Giles Guillemin, PhD
Macquarie University Tryptophan metabolism More Profile
Daikwon Han, PhD
Texas A&M Health Science Center GIS, Environmental Epidemiology More Profile
Vahid Harandi, MSc
Umeå University Identify early changes of neutroptophic factors in ALS More Profile
Yadollah Harati, MD
Baylor College of Medicine Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Orla Hardiman, MD, FRCPI, BSc, FAAN
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Incidence and prevalence of ALS More Profile
Matthew Harms, MD
Washington University School of Medicine Genomics of ALS More Profile
Ann Haugh
California Pacific Medical Center Cliinical More Profile
D.J.J. (Dick) Heederik,MSc, PhD
Utrecht University
The Netherlands
Environmental risk factors More Profile
Khosrow Heidari, MA, MSMSc, MSS
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Surveillance, community impact More Profile
Terry Heiman-Patterson, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine Department of Neurology Areas of increased incidence, risk factors by geographic location More Profile
Patricia Henegan, BS
Dartmouth - Hitchcock Medical Center Spatial analysis and environmental risk factors of ALS More Profile
Elena Herrero Hernández, MD, PhD
Universitat Rovira i Virgili Occupational and environmental risk factors More Profile
Ronnie Horner, PhD
University of Cincinnati Natural history of neurologic disorders More Profile
Howard Hu, MD
University of Michigan Occupational/environmental medicine More Profile
Julian Jaeger
University College London Genetics of ALS More Profile
Sheng Jinghao, PhD
Zhejiang University, School of Medicine Pathogenesis of ALS More Profile
Freya Kamel, PhD
NIH/NIEHS Environmental determinants of neurologic dysfunction More Profile
Edward Kasarskis, MD, PhD
University of Kentucky Toxicology, genetics and nutrition More Profile
Wendy Kaye, PhD
McKing Consulting Corp Surveillance for immunological and neurological diseases More Profile
Carlos Ketzoian, Ord.Doc
Universidad de la República Neurology and Epidemiology of motor neuron disease More Profile
Jane Koenig, PhD
City of Hope Bench neuroscience, synaptic transmission More Profile
Laura Koetter, MS
Seimens Healthcare Lifestyle and environmental determinants of ALS More Profile
Svetlana Kostic, MD
Clinical Centre Zvezdara Epidemiology of motor neuron disease More Profile
Kyle Kuhn
Acorda Therapeutics Drug Development More Profile
Jason Kwan, BSc
University of Toronto Biotechonolgy More Profile
Arlene LaFaire, MSW
ALS Association Saint Louis, Missouri Patient services More Profile
Nigel Leigh, MD, PhD, FRCP
University of London MND Center Clinical neuroscience More Profile
Maurizio Leone, MD
Universita A. Avogadro Neuropidemiology More Profile
Marc Levinson, PhD
Cobden, Il Clinical Psychologist More Profile
Gleb Levitsky, PhD
Russian State Medical University Electromyography More Profile
Jin Billy Li, BS, MS, PhD
Stanford University RNA editing alteration in ALS More Profile
Ko-Hong Lin, BS
Taipei Medical University Clinical Pharmacogenomics More Profile
Giancarlo Logroscino, MD, PhD
Harvard University Genetic epidemiology More Profile
Catherine Lomen-Hoerth , MD, PhD
UC San Francisco ALS Center Electro physical and genetic predictors More Profile
Sheng Luo , PhD
University of Texas at Houston Health Center Statistical methods in studying ALS More Profile
Suneil Malik, PhD
Public Health Agency of Canada Epidemiology of neurodegenerative disease More Profile
Benôt Marin, MD, PhD
Limoges University ALS Epigemiology, biomarkers More Profile
Valerie McGuire, PhD
Stanford University Risk factors and instrument design More Profile
Diane McKenna-Yasek, BSN
Massachusetts General Hospital Genetics and environmental risk factors More Profile
Matthew Miller, PhD
McMaster Immunology Research Center Relationship between infection-inflammation-neurodegeneration More Profile
Robert Miller, MD
California Pacific Medical Center Clinical trials More Profile
Timothy M Miller, MD
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center Neurology More Profile
Douglas Mitchell, MD, FRCP
Preston MND Care & Research Centre All aspects of motor neurone diseases including ALS More Profile
Hiroshi Mitsumoto, MD, DSc
Columbia University Genetic environmental epidemiology in ALS More Profile
Jesus Mora, MD, BC
Instituto de Salud Carlos III Clinical trials and epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Nalini Narotam, MSc
Walden University Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Lorene Nelson, PhD
Stanford University Epidemiologic accessment instruments, genetics More Profile
Joyce Nicholas, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina Epidemiology and biostatistics More Profile
Eugene Oddone, MD, MHSc
Duke University Clinical trials More Profile
Maryam Oskoui, MD
McGill University Epidemiology and clinical trials More Profile
Ruth Ottman, PhD
Columbia University Genetic epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Roger Pamphlett, MB, ChB, MD
University of Sydney Gene environment interactions More Profile
Jane Parkin Kullmann, MS
University of Sydney Environmental toxins and gene environment interactions More Profile
Susan Paulukonis, MA, MPH
California Rare Disease Surveillance ALS Surveillance More Profile
Steven Perrin, PhD
ALS Therapy Development Institute Identification of biomarkers More Profile
Maria Skaalum Petersen, PhD
The Faroese Hospital System Epidemiology, gene environment interactions More Profile
Rita Popat, PhD
Stanford University Epidemiology More Profile
Ashley Pratt, BA
Scripps Research Institute Molecular Biology More Profile
M. Muddasir Qureshi, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical neuroepidemiology More Profile
Evadnie Rampersaud, MD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Genetics of ALS More Profile
Stephen Renner, MD
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System Pathology, biorepository More Profile
J Steven Reznick, BA. MA, PhD
University of North Carolina Causes of ALS, varieties of ALS progression, possible treatments More Profile
Andrea Rosso, MPH
Drexel University College of Medicine Neurology, epidemiology and biostatistics More Profile
Dominic Rowe, MBBS PhD
Macquarie University Epidemiology of sporatic ALS More Profile
Dawn Rowe-Morling, BS MBA
Personal Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Dipak Roy, MSc
Center for Cellular & Molecular Biology Brain energy metabolism in ALS More Profile
Stacy Rudnicki, MD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Risk factors for ALS More Profile
Rebeccah Rush
ALS Worldwide Studies of ALS Clusters More Profile
Dikaios Sakellariou, MSc
Cardiff University Clinical care in ALS More Profile
Jill Schinkel, MS
America's Health Insurance Plans Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Silke Schmidt, PhD
Duke University Genetic epidemiology of ALS More Profile
William Scott, PhD
University of Miami Gene-environment interactions in neurodegenerative diseases More Profile
Jinghao Sheng, PhD
Zhejiang University, School of Medicine Pathogenesis of ALS More Profile
Sara Shnider , PhD
Prize4Life ALS Forum Web Site More Profile
Christen Shoesmith , MD, FRCPC
University of Western Ontario Epidemiology, clinical neurology More Profile
Zohar Shtalryd , MD,
Israeli Center for Disease Control Epidemiology, ALS registry More Profile
Nailah Siddique, RN, MSN
Northwestern University Clinical nursing, ALS genetics More Profile
Teepu Siddique, MD
Northwestern University Molecular basis of neurodegeneration More Profile
Zoltan Simandi, PhD
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Bench neuroscience, genetics More Profile
Saira Singh, BA, MBA
Valent Technologies R&D Ion channel inhibitors as therapeutics More Profile
Veronica Skvortsova, PhD
Russian State Medical Center Genetics More Profile
Lenka Slachtova, PhD
Charles University 1st Medical School Genetic epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Andrew Smirnov
Russian State Medical University Neurology More Profile
Maria Giuliana Solinas, PhD
University of Sassari Genetic and environmental risks More Profile
You-Qaing Song, MD
The University of Hong Kong Biochemistry, genomics More Profile
Peter Spencer, PhD, FRCPath
Oregon Health and Science University Gene environment interaction More Profile
Zorica Stevic, MD
Institute of Neurology Belgrade Clinical More Profile
David Stickler, MD
Medical University of South Carolina Integrated care for ALS patients More Profile
Dan Strickland, MSPH, PhD
Southern California Permanente Medical Group ALS Etiologic Studies More Profile
Michael Strong, MD, FRCPC
University of Western Ontario Pathogenesis of ALS More Profile
Enchtuja Suchegin, MD
Landspitali University Hospital Epidemiology of ALS More Profile
Robert Swingler, MD, FRCPE
ALS/NMD Research Clinic, Ninewells Hospital Epidemiology and genetics of NMD/ALS More Profile
Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD
Parkinson's Institute Environmental toxicology and epidemiology More Profile
Nimish Thakore, MD
Cleveland Clinic ALS Epidemiology More Profile
Rochelle Tractenberg, MPH, PhD
Georgetown University ALS Neuropathology More Profile
Bryan Traynor, MD, MRCPI
NIMH Section on Developmental Genetic Epidemiology Population genetics, care models More Profile
Leonard Van Den Berg, MD, PhD
University Medical Center Utrecht Neuromuscular disorders More Profile
Stephen Van Den Eeden, PhD
Kaiser Division of Research Neurogenetics, neuroepidemiology More Profile
John Vena, PhD
University of South Carolina Epidemiology and biostatistics More Profile
Ashok Verma, MD, DM, MBA
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Clinically oriented ALS research More Profile
Mayank Verma, BS, MSTP Student
University of Minnesota Medical School ALS, DMD More Profile
Pratik Verma , PhD
AgeTak Inc. Health Care Informatics More Profile
Jean-Françios Viel , MD PhD
Université de Rennes Geographical patterns of health and disease More Profile
Subbiah Vivekanandhan, MSc, PhD
All India Institute of Medical Sciences Mitochondrial proteomics More Profile
Joshua Ward, PhD
New England Primate Research Center Increasing the translational efficacy of animal models for ALS. More Profile
Michael Warmoth, MD
Spectrum Health Infectious candidates which may trigger ALS More Profile
Marc Weisskopf, PhD, ScD
Harvard University School of Public Health Underlying processes and risk factors for neurodegenerative disease More Profile
Martina Wiedau-Pazos, MD
UCLA Neurology Gene expression studies and neurobiology More Profile
Lisa Williams, BSc
Kings College London Biobanking More Profile
Dhelia Williamson, PhD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Etiology of ALS More Profile
Anne-Marie Wills, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital Genetic/environmental interactions More Profile
Senait Woldai, BSc
Georgia Southern University ALS and its association with smoking and/or lifestyle More Profile
Christina Wolfson, BSc, MSc, PhD
McGill University Health Centre Clinical epidemiology and biostatistics More Profile
Zhenzhen Zheng
Sichuan University Neurology More Profile
Lixian Zhong, PhD
UCSF Dept of Clinical Pharmacy ALS Epidemiology, Health Economics More Profile
Qinsong Zhu, COO
In Silico Medicine Inc ALS Epidemiology, Drug development More Profile
Annelies Zittersteijn
European Neuromuscular Centre Research organization More Profile

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