ALS Consortium of Epidemiologic Studies (ACES)

Epidemiology Resources for ALS: Overview

The ACES consortium was established in 2005 to identify environmental risk factors and susceptibility genes for sporadic ALS. Our ultimate goal is to establish the framework for later research collaborations to analyze pooled data across studies, once the findings from the individual studies have been published. To achieve this goal, larger numbers of subjects can be obtained by combining the data from two or more studies. This will enable greater statistical power to:

In order to develop the infrastructure for later sharing of data, ACES scientists are working with members to develop standardized risk factor modules that can be combined into a tailored instrument for use in a given study. When writing a grant or planning an epidemiologic study, ACES members can:

Risk factor questionnaire modules  provide information on minimum dataset data definitions and standardized questionnaire modules.

To apply for access to these resources, please send a brief message outlining your requirements to:

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